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ASUS USB CrossLink Cable

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No installation required with the ASUS CrossLink Cable, just plug in and link! The ASUS Crosslink allows users to do the following between two computers: transfer and synchronize data, share internet connection, and read data on one computer from the other computer's optical drive. The ASUS Crosslink Cable is the perfect accessory for anyone with two PCs. It also comes with a 2GB flashdrive.

Technical Details

- No installation required with the ASUS CrossLink Cable, just plug in and link!
- Share the internet between two computers or your outlook account
- Transfer data and folder from one computer to another
- Read data on one computer from the optical drive on another computer, a perfect feature for those who have one PC without an optical drive
- 2GB Flash Drive included
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Customer Buzz
 "Died after one use." 2010-07-27
By abstract girl (Harrisburg, PA)
I bought an Asus netbook and bought this to transfer files from my old laptop. I had just finished transferring everything and was checking around the drive to make sure I didn't miss anything, when suddenly the software window disappeared. I tried everything - reconnecting it to both computers, in different variations, etc etc. Turns out the flash drive attachment, where the software is located, died, and the cable is useless now. They don't even list the Crosslink on their website's tech support section. I'm not sure if it was there before or if it's never been there at all. So I will be looking for a different brand that makes a similar product after this. Asus is great for computers and motherboards, but apparently not so great at flash drive technology.

Customer Buzz
 "Great idea, OK execution" 2010-07-06
By snowboarder79
I recently bought an ASUS UL30VT laptop and since it didn't come with a CD drive, I bought this Crosslink Cable as an easy way to not only transfer info from PC to PC, but also to share another PC's disk drive. Sounds fantastic in theory, but it is hampered by the laggy and inconsistent experience afforded by the software. It seems to be a crap shoot when I can get the PC to PC connection to work correctly.

That said, if you want to use it as just a USB drive, it seems to be great for that, although at 2gb, you can get a little more bang for your buck if that's what you're looking for.

I love ASUS in general and think they are an innovative, customer service oriented company, but they need to iron out the kinks with this one. 3 out of 5 stars for effort.

Customer Buzz
 "Works exactly as advertised" 2010-04-15
This product worked exactly as it said it would. Hook it up to 2 computers and exchange data. Very cool since I bought a new laptop without an optical drive. Highly recommend it!

Customer Buzz
 "ASUS USB CROSSLINK" 2010-03-20
By Akpan Ezekiel
Nice, simple and easy to use. It makes my transfers from my computers easy, no need to look for an external HDD to carry out transfer, just plug one end in one computer and the other in the next and off you go. In addition to the crosslink is the built in 2 GB flash to add more use to it. Highly recommended.

Customer Buzz
 "I wish I were smart enough to make this thing work ..(RECONSIDERED)" 2010-02-19
By Sherweld (Allyn, WA)
I am somewhat reluctant to fault a product that may work perfectly for everyone else. However this thing is advertised to be painless, but apparently not so for me.

I have a new Win7 ASUS netbook which I intended to bring in a few things from a laptop (Vista) as well as the ability to copy straight from the laptop optical drive etc. While there are many other ways to accomplish this, I thought this seemed a pretty simple solution to load and maintain the netbook. After several joyless hours, I have given up. I will simply use flash memory, an external hard drive, etc. to transfer the files I want.

I simply wasn't able to get the two computers to recognize each other no matter what I tried. There doesn't seem to be any "troubleshooting" hints included with the product, (in the event that things didn't go so well).

Hopefully somebody has had a better experience and can give a better review because it certainly seems like a worthwhile product.

ETA March 19, 2010.... After stumbling onto a button tucked into the netbook software that switched between "allow/not allow" ad hoc networks, and switching to "allow", I decided to try the hookup once again. I can't honestly say whether that was the fix, or I simply held my mouth right this time, but after considerable tweaking and several encouraging false starts I was able to get things working pretty well.

It worked well enough in fact that I changed from one star to four. Had it not required so much tweaking to stumble on the correct operating settings even after the allow "fix" on the computer itself, I probably would rate it five. However since one of it's major selling points is ease of use, in my opinion that should include the "learning curve" which I found to be fairly steep, with quite a bit of hit and miss to get it all going well.

But then again maybe I'm just a slow learner.

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